Green eco friendly grocery bag full of food

First Few Weeks

Homemade lemonade with lemon, lime, sugar and soda on a dark background, selective focus


Except for the first few weeks of the Feingold Diet Program, when members are encouraged to remove some fruits and a few other foods, we eat any food we want, but we choose a version that is free of any harmful additives.  One example would be lemonade.  Instead of using the version that you are used to, try one listed in your Foodlist & Shopping Guide or make your own, homemade.




Handbook Recipes

A baked chocolate cake on a kitchen benchIn some cases a company might make the same product, but sell two versions of it.  Your Foodlist will tell you which version will be free of the additives that we avoid.  Your Handbook also lists homemade recipes of all types of foods.  A great example of this is our WACKY CAKE.  Toss the ingredients into a baking pan, stir with a fork, and bake.  It’s a great recipe for your kids to use, and it tastes great!!

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen






Breakfast can be as easy as scrambled eggs, toast and fruit or you can modify your own recipes so you can serve pancakes or waffles.

For those times when you are in a hurry, try one of these:

  •   Serve a cup of (Feingold accepted brand) yogurt and a piece of fruit    for a quick meal.
  •   Melt a slice of cheese on a slice of whole grain bread, along with a        glass of juice.
  •   A smoothie made from a cup of milk, a cup of juice and a banana will feed two hungry children




Peanut Butter and peanuts show a classic allergen that affects children and adults.


The old stand-bys work great for lunch.  Tuna salad sandwiches, egg or peanut butter.  Try to keep things simple and as close to what you normally serve as possible.  They key is to modify by using accepted brands and items that you will find in our “any” list.  These ingredients don’t need to be accepted and listed in our Foodlist.  You can purchase “any” type of these items.


Close-up view of a homemade meatloaf meal


The same thing goes for dinner.  Modify your families favorite meals.  This will ensure a successful result.  Whether it is fried chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti or taco’s.  All you need are accepted ingredients to make meals that your family loves.