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When you help us with outreach you can create an awareness in your community that:

  • could provide company for your child – he/she will no longer be the only kid on the Feingold program
  • could provide teachers with information on how they can help a child in their class who is on the Feingold Diet
  • could make area doctors more aware of this option to help kids
  • could help your neighbors understand why you don’t feed your kids Kool-Aid and M&M’s
  • could lead to better school food


One volunteer can be the moving force to change a whole community, and there has never been a better time than now, when there is an awareness of the problems so many children are having.


Our volunteers represent people from all walks of life and all professions including pediatricians, teachers, nurses, counselors, and professors.  What we share is our gratitude for the help we have received and have a strong desire to “pay it forward.”  Here are some of the ways we give back:

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