Speech Difficulties
or Delays

Speech involves many systems of the body, including the brain, muscles, and nerves; all of them must work together correctly in order for a person to produce speech.

Although there has been no research directly on the connection between speech and diet, speech difficulties or delays often go along with learning disabilities or ADHD symptoms. When those symptoms improve, the speech often improves as well.

We have had multiple reports from members that while an exposure to chemical fumes or fragrances may cause migraine, it sometimes seems to cause speech difficulty - what they describe as a spasm or stiffness in the jaw muscles so that they are unable to articulate their speech properly. Others describe slurring of speech similar to what occurs after consuming alcohol.

If you or your child has a speech difficulty, we cannot promise that the Feingold Program will help. However, we can suggest that a month's trial of the diet may be worthwhile - improving your diet is never harmful, and if speech is improved, it could be a dramatic result for a small effort.

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Updated: 2/16/2010