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We are now listing products that are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives on these pages for sale through Amazon.  This listing will be growing daily, so if you want purchase products accepted on the Feingold Program that are free of all those bad ingredients,  you can purchase them through these links. 

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This listing will be growing daily,  if you want to purchase products accepted on the Feingold Diet.

Food Items

Baking & Cooking Supplies (Baking Soda,  Baking Powder & Yeast)

Baking & Cooking Supplies (Chocolate Chips & Cocoa)

Beverages (Juice)

Beverages (Lemonade & Lemon Juice)

Beverages (Soda)

Beverages (Sport Drinks)

Beverages (Waters)

Breads (Bread & Buns)

Beverages (Water and Juice)

Non Food Items

Back to School Items 

Bath Care


Dental Care

Household Goods

Skin Care