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add joy to shopping with AmazonSmile

December is typically a hectic month filled with parties, school functions, baking, and …. shopping! It seems each year our gift lists grow as we welcome more special people into or lives. The ‘Season of Giving’ should give us happy feelings, but often our long lists gives us feelings of stress instead. On that note, The Feingold Association  has a tip to help bring back the joy of giving; AmazonSmile donations. While thoughts of strolling through the stores enjoying holiday music and decorations might bring a smile to your face, the reality often brings stress. The stores are overcrowded and instead of strolling through, you are carried by the tide of rushing shoppers. Instead of hearing the beautiful sounds of holiday music and cheer, you hear customer complaints and unhappy children. The items you hope to buy are rarely placed where they should be as other shoppers have already foraged through and everything is displaced. It’s hard to feel joyful giving gifts when it’s so difficult to make the purchases. To avoid all the chaos, many have chosen to shop online as much as possible. No more crowds. No more angry people pushing you along. Items are simply found by typing in a search bar. Do you feel the stress melting away? Maybe even a little excitement at the thought of giving gifts again? We haven’t even shared our tip yet! What if the gifts you purchase not only bring happiness to the person(s) you give them too, but also make donations to The Feingold Association with no extra cost to you? How do I make this magic happen,...
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