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Who we areSome of us are doctors using the Feingold Program for our families and patients. Some of us are adults who use the Program for ourselves.  Most of us, however, are parents of children with behavior or learning problems.  Some of these children began life with excessive crying and inability to sleep, but others were fine until they began eating solid foods.  Some were fine until the toddler years arrived – along with Froot Loops and Flintstone Vitamins.

We tried so hard to do the right things, but nothing worked. We may have been successful professionals before we became parents, but this little newcomer in our family shattered our self-confidence.  We wondered how we could possibly be doing so badly in our new role of parenting!

We turned to various professionals for answers, but we didn’t get them. Some of the professionals blamed us, and others sent us home with a pat on the head and a pamphlet. Some offered us prescriptions for drugs that scared us.

The people we looked to for help often gave us lists describing our child’s behavior – but we already knew how our child behaved. That’s why we wanted help.

In the 1960s, one doctor found a treatment that helped people with this kind of problem.  He was Dr. Ben Feingold, Chief of Allergy at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in Northern California.

In the 1970s, families using Dr. Feingold’s diet got together in support groups to help each other.  They shared recipes, and they made lists of products that were safe to use.  After Dr. Feingold died in 1982, the families continued to help each other.  Slowly, all the little support groups joined together to become the national nonprofit Feingold Association of the United States.  Our small staff and our volunteers continue to identify safe brands of food and products, to collect the research, and to write books for parents.

Some of us are really old volunteers.  Our children are grown up, are doing well, and have their own children.  When we started, we expected that the harmful additives would soon be removed, and we could then go back to our usual lives. We didn’t realize the power of money and politics, and that all these years later we would still be needed to help additional generations of children.

We are happy that more and more people now understand that what we eat and breathe can directly affect our feelings and behavior.  After all, the brain and stomach are part of the same body. However, as long as these chemicals remain in our food supply and environment, we will be available to show you how we helped our children, and how you can help yours.

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