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feingold program improves tantrums, meltdowns and aggression

We asked our members what types of improvements they noticed when starting their families on the Feingold Program.  Below are posts from moms on how the feingold program improves tantrums, meltdowns, and aggression in the first few weeks of doing the Feingold Diet.


Cat – Stopped chewing his clothes in the first 2 days. After one week (spring break) of following the program, my then kindergartner had the best week! Usually his behavior chart (I can’t stand those things) was all yellow and orange, with some green days of following the program, my then kindergartner had the best week! Usually his behavior chart (I can’t stand those things) was all yellow and orange, with some green days and a few reds, one week in-ONE WEEK- and it was blue, green, blue, blue, green. Most “normal” kids don’t have weeks like that. 4 years in and I’d never change a thing. Feingold for Life!!!

Alanie – While we saw changes at home, it was when we got a good report from the preschool teacher at parent/teacher conferences after 2 months on Feingold. She wasn’t ready to attribute the changes to our change in diet, but I knew it was 100% Feingold!!

Deni – After a week into phase 1 we went to families for dinner and she ate an apple. Within 15-20 minutes she was bouncing on their couch.😲

Lisa – He fell asleep in less than 10 minutes instead of one hour.

Janet – I was able to take my boy for a hair-cut.

Tangie – Tantrums were GONE. Also, we didn’t tell his teachers of the diet changes, yet within two weeks I was pulled to the side because they couldn’t get over how much calmer and attentive he was in the classroom (he was 6 at the time).

Katie – After a few days on the program, my child said, “I am just so happy”. It was as if a fogginess had been lifted from his brain.

Lisa – He gave me a hug and said “I love you” for the first time ever. He was 5 years old.

Julie – Less tantrums and less disciplinary referrals at school.

Kristin – Hi I homeschool and today they all sat down and did their work (3 adopted kiddos who have been nearly impossible to teach and was not making it in public school) with a good attitude. what??!!!! After 1 week.

Rosana – Lots of things but two that really stand out are: he didn’t yell at me as much and people asked me what I was doing that changed my child so much.

Shelley – Our 6 year old was very uncharacteristically melting down for hours a day for three straight months. It was horrible and without a doubt the hardest season of parenting so far. Two days after starting Stage One… no more meltdowns! We had our sweet little boy back. ❤️❤️❤️

Julie – He sat down in a chair at the table quietly. Normally his feet were flying up and down the slats in the back all during dinner.

Julie – My son calmed down and was able to control his emotions better. I could take him out without a meltdown. He was also a lot less violent to his brothers.

Catherine – No more meltdowns EVERY NIGHT!

Chris – When he could sit down at the dinner table with his family and have a normal conversation.

Rachael – Physical facial tics and twitching, and loud outbursts stopped when red dyes were eliminated.

Holly – Paying attention and not as aggressive.

Leslie – Joint pain went away and finally slept through the night at 5 years old when we started.

Laura – Three days into it, my youngest daughter slept through the night for the first time in her life!

Heather – After about a week, my 9yo son hugged me and told me he loved me. Unsolicited!!

Kimberly – A silent car ride home from swimming with both kids & no fighting.

Melissa –We could eat dinner at the table without screaming and meltdowns!!

Susan – My son didn’t drive me nuts with a gazillion questions about nothing.

Melissa – Decrease in emotional aggression!

Dawn –Frantz aggression stopped.

Judy –No more night terror!!!

Ruth – Within 2 weeks was sleeping 1 hour later in the mornings. AND, after 2 weeks he “wiped the icing off a cupcake at a school b-day treat” and was noticeably still wired the next morning. (We had a post-Feingold and pre-Feingold comparison).

Karen- My son slept for the first time at age 7 since 18 months after two weeks on Feingold Diet.

Jeanne –Lively, after 48 hours my toddler son stopped hitting, kicking and spitting on everyone…including me. It’s been 10 weeks and he is doing well.

Caroline – When she went to sleep quickly after being tucked in, then woke up early, got herself dressed, and came into our room ready for the day!

Michele – Being able to fall asleep after just 24 hours. Then, elimination of chronic rhinitis that often ended in bouts of asthma.

Leslie – Joint pain went away and finally slept through the night at 5 years old when we started.

Serena – Took her 10 min to do homework instead of 1 hour. & Handwriting has been a hugh change.

Amy – She picked up a book, laid on the sofa & looked at it for 10/15 min. Never read a book before. She was 4.

Patricia – She took a nap during the day and slept thru the night for the first time in 3 years!

Anna – Meltdowns disappeared within a week of starting the diet. Before my 5yo had 2/3 daily.

Nonna –Calmed down. Concentration increased.

Lisa – Her eyes quit “jumping or bouncing” around the room & she could look me in the eye.

Ellen -long screaming and crying spells over often minor frustrations went away! Either she dealt with the frustration calmly or had, at most, a self-imposed 5-minute timeout. That was huge!

Heather – My son has not had many, if any, aggressive outbursts for over a month now. He also is not complaining of stomach aches anymore, and is generally just calm.

Kathy – She actually slept all night without waking up yelling for us even once and she sat at the table to eat instead of perching on her chair or dancing around the table.

Michelle –Stopped wetting the bed and no tics.

Sabrina –They argued less, ate more and slept better.

Cindy – Slept through the night!

Alanna – Actually, it was a slip-up that made me realize it was working. Dining out, we asked to make sure a food item was prepared according to my son’s needs. Turns out unbeknownst to all that the seasoning mix contained a no-go for us. 15 minutes after eating my son experienced a full meltdown. For the first time, he asked for me to make it stop. His eyes showed the fear and pain his body was experiencing after being “Feingold Clean” for a week.


The Feingold Program can help you achieve the same results with your family.  Summer is a great time to start.  You can get your materials at:   Check out personal stories from some of our Feingold kids at:

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