Dear Feingold Friends and Members,

Lauree Bradley of Trader Joe's West has contacted us this morning in response to the Feingold e-news subscribers who have called them.

She has assured us that Trader Joe products continue to meet the same high standards that they always have, and she is sure that their products would all meet our guidelines. Unfortunately, no matter how high a company standards, until our detailed forms are satisfactorily filled out (and this product research is repeated every few years), we cannot list the products at all, let alone distribute them between Stage One and Stage Two. Since 2001 the number of products at Trader Joe which we list has dwindled, as products are removed because of the lack of forms. Moreover, when a member reports a reaction to a product, we are required to put that product on "pending" status while we question the company about any ingredient changes that may explain the reaction. If the company does not respond, then the product is removed from the Foodlist.

Losing these product listings is a great loss to many of our members who love shopping at Trader Joe's, so we are extremely happy to hear that Ms. Bradley will be filling out our forms as fast as she is able, in spite of her overwhelming workload generated by the new FDA mandate to change all ingredient labels to list trans fat content.

In the meantime, Cindy Harrell, our Product Information Director, says we have a backlog of about 40 products ready to be re-submitted to Trader Joe. Please don't rush to send us more at this time, but watch your Pure Facts and members message board for new Trader Joe listings. With some patience, we hope to be able to list many more of their products in our Foodlist & Shopping Guide.

We hope to hear shortly also from Trader Joe East.