LucyKomisarIn December, 2011 the New York Times ran an article titled, How the Food Industry Eats Your Kid’s Lunch by investigative reporter Lucy Komisar. For many this was the first glimpse into the longstanding practice of rebates, both legal and illegal, that have long plagued the food industry. It helps explain why so many children are given substandard, additive-laden food.

Food distribution giants work with the food industry giants to squeeze more money out of the

businessman exchange dollar isolated on grey

schools and other institutions they service by providing the cheapest food they can and pocketing the profits. Local farmers and businesses are shut out because they cannot afford to cover the cost of the kickbacks required by the big food service companies.

In many cases, school administrators have been asleep at the wheel, not wanting to be bothered by the job of running the school’s food program.

The belief that schools save money by outsourcing turns out to be an illusion. Ms. Komisar cites research from Roland Zullo of the University of Michigan that shows there is an increase in class size and a reduction in test scores when schools turn their food service over to giant distributors.