Walker's Story

Two-and-a-half year old Walker was asked to leave preschool because the school told his parents, "We have never seen a more aggressive child that did not have some type of labeled disability."

Everyone had opinions about Walker, but nobody had answers, except for his grandma, who had been a teacher for 30 years. She suggested the Feingold diet. When his mom went on the website, she was amazed at how many symptoms Walker had, including the eczema, which had been a problem since birth.

The various steroid creams the dermatologist prescribed helped with the itching but never cleared up the eczema.

The family began to use the Feingold Program, but found that the eczema and behavior improvement were "on and off" because they were following the program "on and off."

Although it did take more planning before leaving the house, his mom finally realized, "It is so worth it to follow the diet. Every time I deviate, I wish I hadn't!"

"Walker has just turned 4," she reports, "and is a joy to be around. He started a new school this year, is very well liked, and we have not had any complaints about his behavior. His eczema is completely gone except when he eats an additive. His sister, now 20 months old, has identical sensitivities as her brother, but we are better prepared to help her. My friends and family, who were once skeptical, are now on board, as they have seen what a difference this diet has made."

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Updated: 12/8/13