Tommy's Story

People who know Tommy today find it very hard to believe he had been a toddler who needed constant attention, was always fussy, crying, and in perpetual motion. He didn't sleep easily or well and had a chronic problem with rashes.

As a senior in high school, he is well liked by everyone who knows him, and was nominated for "best dressed," "best smile" and "best looking." An exceptional athlete with excellent motor control, he plays varsity basketball and ice hockey. His teachers like him too, and refer to Tommy as a "class leader."

Like so many Feingold successes, Tom isn't interested in experimenting with drugs. "Having to say 'no' to Hi-C in Kindergarten made it easier for him to say no to the bad stuff," his mom observes. "In fact, he went into kindergarten reading labels."

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Updated: 5/5/14