Christina's Story

Christina was not hyperactive, and nobody would have thought about using a "diet for hyperactive children" for her. What she suffered from was ear infection.

First one ear would become infected, then while she was still on medication for that ear, the other ear would flare up. After a week or so off antibiotics, she would have to go back to the doctor's office for another round.

However, Christina was lucky enough to have a brother who needed the Feingold diet - and since it is always recommended that the whole family go on the diet together for moral support and because it is easier, little Christina also was on the Feingold diet.

After six months, when 4-year-old Christina was brought in for her annual checkup, the doctor remarked how long it had been since he had seen her, and her mom realized that there hadn't been any ear infections all that time.

In all the years since then, Christina experienced only one lone ear infection at age 6, but has been otherwise very healthy. In high school, she was athletic, was on the track team, and maintained a 3.95 grade point average.

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Updated: 11/11/13