Michael's Story

At 5 hears of age, Michael was diagnosed as dyslexic and suffering from visual perception deficits in five areas. He was a terror to live with, and his parents were advised to place him in a school for brain injured children. Instead, his parents began using the diet shortly after the publication of Why Your Child is Hyperactive.

At the time this story was published (Pure Facts, May 1989), Mike was a junior in college. A major in communications / business / public relations, he was successful both socially and scholastically.

He copes well with whatever comes his way, enjoys working with people, and is very much in control of his life.

Michael still has an abundance of energy, but channels it productively. He is involved in many sports, and in high school he had a unique technique for winning football games. Before the game, he chewed red bubble gum, which brought on the aggressive, hyper behavior that got goals. Then, he'd wear himself out in the game. "Michael didn't do drugs," his mom noted, "he did red bubble gum."

Updated: 2/15/2010