Mark's Story

Poor speech, no motor skills, and very slow to walk - the doctor told Mark's mother it was because she babied him.

He did not have behavior problems, but was extremely learning disabled and received remedial help for six years. Mark was dyslexic and unable to speak clearly. "I worked with him for years to get him to recognize the alphabet," his mom recalls.

Today Mark knows that his developmental difficulties were caused by BHA, BHT, and salicylates which brought about severe motion sickness. They affect his balance, hearing and perception. (He is also very sensitive to mint flavoring of any kind.)

It is difficult for anyone to believe that Mark once had any learning problem at all. He is enrolled in advanced classes in high school, earning A's and B's. His teachers have noted he is able to store and retrieve enormous amounts of information. He also writes well.

His motor skills are fine, he runs track, is very personable and doing well in all areas.

"For us, it's a miracle," his mother relates. "But he'd lose it all if he went off the diet." Mark is aware of this and monitors what he eats.

Updated: 2/15/2010