What is the Feingold Program?The Feingold Program is a form of elimination diet where foods containing certain harmful additives are removed and replaced with similar foods that are free of those additives. When starting the Program, certain foods and non-food items containing an aspirin-like chemical called salicylate are also eliminated, and later tested for tolerance.

Happily, there is a huge selection of foods of every kind, including snacks, desserts, convenience foods and mixes that are acceptable on the Feingold Diet.

First, the diet is used as a  diagnostic tool to determine if any of the eliminated items are triggering some or all of the problems you are seeing.  When successful, it is continued as a treatment, and can also be combined with any other necessary medical treatments.

Which foods and additives are eliminated?

  • Artificial food coloring (petrochemical dyes)
  • Artificial flavors and fragrances
  • Three preservatives
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • A list of foods and products containing salicylate

Products containing several other additives are marked in our Foodlist book because many of our members need to or want to avoid them. Sugar is not removed; most members tolerate sugar in moderation, although corn syrup is a problem for some.