Better behavior, learning and health begin in your grocery cart

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Colorful cupcakes

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The workshop shows how foods and additives can trigger ADHD and related symptoms.



Back-to-School Stage One Treats for your kids to enjoy at home or in the classroom.

For $10 donation plus 6.50 priority shipping for each bag.

click on picture to order or go to:

Each bag contains:

  • Nature’s Bakery Brownie
  • Enjoy Life Food Chocolate Chip Cookie (GF,CF)
  • Home Free Treats Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF,CF)
  • Jolly Time Healthy Pop Popcorn
  • Kimmie’s Choco Rocks (GF)
  • Pearson’s Peppermint Patty (CS)
  • Clean Candy Butterscotch Candy (GF, CF)
  • Hillside Pomegranate Candy (GF, CF)
  • Tru Joy Chocolate Chews (GF, CF)
  • Marich’s Green Bean Jelly Beans (CS)
  • Original Gourmet Lolly (CS, GF, CF)
  • Angel Mint (CS, GF,CF)
  • Angel Taffy’s (CS, GF, CF)

*contents may vary

** Please note: Limited supply. Orders will be filled in a first-come basis and will ship starting September 1st.

Sheri Davis speaks at the 2016 Treating ADHD Naturally Conference



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